Saturday, May 19, 2012

Russia, Ukraine, Slavic Peoples, Population, and Adoption

17.05.2012 16:22
By George Green
Russia (and Ukraine, and frankly most of the former Russian Empire) need babies. Healthy happy babies with caring parents. Too often I see girl pushing strollers and know dad is nowhere to be found; or worse everyone knows where and who he is and no one cares. I see 13 year olds walk into stores with signs that clearly indicate that the sale of alcohol to minors is prohibited; a sign that perhaps with their backs turned towards it the clerks do not see, as juveniles are able to purchase a liter or more of beer. There are some simple steps to prevent this but few seem to be undertaken.

The first memory I have visiting the beautiful monastery town, in which I live, is not our monastery. It is the group of teenagers with a two liter bottle of cheap beer being passed between them, and the puffs of smoke emanating from the group. Old men drinking beer, and sometimes vodka, on park benches. The most depressing for me was in a cafe seeing a father with 250 grams of vodka telling his child he couldn't afford to buy him ice cream; meanwhile his son watched dad poor poison down his throat. Certainly stories like this are not unique to the former soviet union, but how are the territories which formed the Russian Empire to return to greatness under these circumstances? What do I suggest to resolve this?

Let me preface this by noting I am hardly against alcohol consumption, tobacco consumption, or in principle even narcotic consumption if that is what someone feels they want to do to their life. Firstly ruthless enforcement against public drinking. No more parks filled with bums drinking vodka or samagon where the youth that form our tomorrow watch and learn this behavior. Further no toleration for drinking the in the centers or towns and cities. I would suggest a complete ban on drinking and smoking, and the sales of alcohol or tobacco products in these regions. From a commercial perspective this would actually benefit cities as well since the travel costs and opportunities for new businesses would expand beyond city centers.

With regard to delinquent fathers I feel paternity tests should be free on demand. Children need both parents and the money dad is spending on booze and cigarettes could be buying soccer balls and strollers instead. A mother should be able to prove who the father of their child is easily; and both should be required to live near the child, so the child knows a family.

As I mentioned in my opening the nations forming the former Russian Empire suffer from population decline. While the church preaches against contraception this is not enough. I think similar to alcohol, and tobacco that contraceptives should be prohibited outside specific zones far from city centers. Further these should, like alcohol and tobacco, should be restricted among minors. Handing minors contraceptives is the same as telling them to have premarital sex and that it is acceptable, no differently than handing them a bottle of vodka tells them it's okay to drink. Abortion is already extremely restricted in the territory of the former Russian Empire but this too could use improvement; abortion should be allowed only when the mother's life is in immediate jeopardy.

George Green

George Edward Green III has been a journalist since 1997, and written for several Technology, Financial, and Libertarian Publications.
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Monday, April 16, 2012

Americans Love Chips


One thing I have experienced is several people explaining to me they are paranoid about the concept that the government one day will install chips in everyone so they know their every move.  What could be more frightening than a fascist government, following in the steps of Nazi Germany, with the power to track your every move?  The problem is that most of the people complaining to me about this have already bought in.

Every day people buy mobile phones, log into Skype, log into Facebook, log into Vkontakte, pay for Skype using their credit or debit card, buy books at, and secretly worry about microchips being implanted in under their skin.  Yet they don't consider that they might already be carrying one!

What would you do if today you logged into Facebook and there was a message saying someone accessed your account and you needed to change your password?

What would you do if the location that accessed your account was a local or foreign military base?

This happens regularly because people allow such free access to their information.

I know; I worked developing software for a Search Engine Optimization firm for three years.  While you're wondering how to find a turnip on Farmville corporations are gathering information about you.  Who are your friends?  What products do you like?  What books do you read?  What cafes do you frequent?  How often do you travel?  Do you like the current President?

All of this data is being exchanged, and with very little knowledge of programming languages this information is accessed very easily.  Of course tying this information to your credit card is ostensibly illegal, yet many governments insist on tracking financial transactions 'for safety'.  The United States National Security Agency, one, if not the most, advanced cryptography agencies in the world, has agreements with numerous commercial corporations to exchange information visitors think is private.  It is not even obliged to explain with whom as it is one of America's 'black ops' programs which does not need to explain what it spends money on.

Americans frequently insist that the Soviet KGB kept records on all citizens, and perhaps they did, but anyone meeting your average former Soviet employee can tell you there is no way they could in a matter of seconds whether you purchased a book promoting fascism, or liked a comment that was critical of Stalin on your mobile phone while you were at work.  They relied on gossiping grandmothers for their information.

Recently in America a man was furious that Target, a popular American store, was sending his daughter, coupons for expecting mothers.  Why would they send coupons for strollers, and diapers, to a 15 year old?  Upset he confronted to the manager of the local store manager as to why their store was promoting his child to become pregnant!  Only a couple weeks later, after a very long conversation with his daughter, he returned to the store to apologize.  The store manager was confused; in fact the man's daughter was expecting a child and was reluctant to tell her father.

The store, it turns out, has automated software (the same kind of software I used to be employed to write) that examines simple information you have already said you concede to give.  When the average American checks 'terms and conditions' they think nothing of this.  The software this corporation used examined the buying habits of people they knew were expecting children to develop a program to predict whether someone might be pregnant.  This software knew this teenager was pregnant before her own father, because she used his debit card to purchase items.

The totalitarian governments of the technology age do not need a chip to track their citizens, or to influence their thoughts, or prevent them from being able to complete simple financial transactions.  They do not need secret informants in every clique. Every day mobile phone stores, and banks are filled with citizens who are begging for that privilege; 'the chip' is already in your pocket.  

Thursday, January 12, 2012

“Do they all have the chips yet?”

This is a question I have been asked all across Ukraine, inside and outside of Church, by those who have heard what's going on in America. What they are referring to is microchips under the skin, and they fear it the same way protestants who profess 'the rapture' do. At this point I usually make sure my passport with the RFID chip on it is out of sight before replying 'not yet'. But it's coming.

One thing that has been made clear by 'the Crisis', which as far as I can tell hasn't ended anywhere including America, is that the rich will keep getting richer. The trick is they play with currency, so their fundamental worth is protected while people horde dollars, or euros, and assume it's valuable. This is complicated by pesky folks who watch these markets and use non fiat means of storing their wealth. In my opinion this is how they will finally sell people on placing chips under their skin whether theres rumors of cancer or not. That said I don't think this can happen all at once; it's far too expensive in poorer countries unless a Doctor Who like legion of cyber men were unleashed chipping people.

Is the chip already here?

Whether it's sub-dermal or not there are a lot of things coming closer and closer to chips. Privat Bank here in Ukraine has a serve called LiqPay and allows transferring between various forms of credit and debit cards in various currencies. Even pretty poor Ukrainians can get a hold of pre-paid debit cards. Debit cards are accepted almost everywhere in America, and increasingly so even in very poor countries. The step between a card that holds multiple currencies or can instantly dispense a local currency is not far away. So how does that relate to the chip?

Frequently I am promised here America will either become irrelevant and desolate (which I think is a given) or submerged under water, and that on a single day (or a related day) money will become worthless, people will be tossing dollars, and hryvna together in the trash. Is that implausible? I'm skeptical America is looking to pull an Atlantis, but as heavily invested as the world economy is if everyone is holding US Treasuries and the dollar drops due to some catastrophe it'd certainly render many economies worthless. What a great time then to say 'currencies don't work'. If that sounds absurd keep in mind 50 years ago they said the same about gold. This is how I think they'll sell the idea of the chip.

First they will insist that to prevent against other countries ruining the world economy, there will be an international currency you can access using your card. It will simply dispense in your local flavor but be backed by the 'world economy'. Not to wax on about interpretations of the mark of the beast but given that when America went off the gold standard it was illegal to sell and not accept the new currency. Chances are to buy and sell in anything like the 'first world' you'd then need your card.

The chip just comes as a convenience. It'll be easy to market having something that's always with you, provides your id, access to all your iTunes files stored in the cloud, and you're money safely in one place. (They've already convinced everyone it's better if corrupt banks hold onto your cash then you!) This, and whatever flam crisis they invent to tank the dollar and make the North American Union a reality I don't think of as far fetched at all; just a matter of time.

So then what next?

I'll be honest; I don't think the elite care much whether the folks are happy, just that the elite have their toys. Why not, once everyone has chips that are solid state and wouldn't be wiped out by an EMP go for it with one? Then any self made millionaires, or principled savers are wiped out and whoever still has technology that can read the chip, and the military to enforce them can rest safely in the castle while the rest are the new surfs. Sad to say but even as a programmer I have to kind of wonder whether one babushka suggested is true; whether technologists might be better off learning to do something more useful with their hands than type...